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Marie meets and chats with the people behind the business and community in Loughrea.
Featuring business owners, entrepreneurs, services etc. They chat in a relaxed atmosphere
sharing their own life stories about their backgrounds and how their businesses came
about. A fascinating insight into their lives, loves, experiences, how they were guided to set up
their business and their impact on the community. The show airs every second Saturday from 6-
7 pm alternating with SoulEdge with Martina Flaherty
If you live in Loughrea and you wish to be a guest on the show please contact her via

Email:     OR

Marie trained as a nurse-midwife and SCBU nurse. Mum of 3. Leaving to travel with her
family has lived in Israel, Syria, Australia and America for several years. Coming back from
travelling extended her training into holistic areas. Energy training, Reiki, IET, Mystery
School. Also Reflexology, Indian Champissage, Hopi Ear Candling. Furthering her own self-
development in studying NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques.
She has produced a cd for children called “You have the Power”  using self-empowering techniques allowing children to
develop their resilience and their ability to thrive in life.
Her day Job: A passionate believer in supporting and mentoring women through their
challenges in life ( separation, divorce, and finding your feet after! Moving house, job,
family etc) set up her own business called “Time to Sparkle and Shine” several years ago.
Dealing specifically with thoughts feelings and emotions, negative self-talk and beliefs. In
allowing women to access their own self-development, gaining clarity, self-confidence
allowing them to feel secure in their own lives and nurturing their abilities. Accessing an
innate resilience to live and love life. A huge belief that empowered parents lead to
powerful children. She is available for consultations online.
She totally believes in Networking and the support women can give each other, has been
part of Network Ireland since 2014, initially joining Network Dublin and becoming branch
president in 2017. Together with supporting each other, we are stronger! She continues to be part
of Network Ireland today.
She has appeared on TV3, being interviewed by The Irish Times and has had an article about
her in Woman’s Way.
She has had a love of radio for many years, getting to work as part of a wellness
programme, (speaking about life and giving the benefit of wisdom learned over years) with
RosFm in 2019, she got the bug. She did the Today Fm school of radio and podcasting and
was waiting for an opportunity to put it to good use.
With a strong community spirit and a belief, the best way to become part of a community is
to join an amazing group, after moving to Loughrea in October 2020 she joined Loughrea
Community Radio in Jan 2021 with a new show called “The Link” with Marie Nugent.
Continuing her love of Networking she gets to interview the people behind the businesses,
allowing them to tell their personal stories and in-process gets to meet fascinating people
chatting in a relaxed atmosphere. She is so grateful to all the guests that come on the show, in
sharing their story they may inspire others.

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