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That 60s Show

Martin and David bring you the best of the 60s in ‘That 60s Show’. The guys play a broad mix of music from the iconic decade! From the classic hits to 60s country and the more rare songs that we just don’t hear as much! Martin and David love the stories behind the songs of the 60s and want to share these stories with their listeners. They love to hear all of your requests! The 60s brings us some of the best music of all time. Martin and David grew up listening to everything from the Beatles to Elvis and Cilla Black to Patsy Cline. They bring you a shared passion for the music that shaped a decade every Sunday night from 9-11 pm on Loughrea Community Radio. 

Martin and David are delighted to be part of the wonderful team at Loughrea Community Radio.

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Martin Clarke is the owner and senior stylist at Cheveux Hair Salon Loughrea. Originally from England, Martin lived in Ireland for many years as a teenager. He loved Ireland so much he moved back here in his early twenties having trained in the UK as a Hair Stylist. Martin is passionate about hair and loves taking caring of everyone in his salon. His passion for hair has taken him all around the world and he has competed in many hair competitions at a high level. This love for the hair industry inspired Martin to open his own salon and he is delighted to be part of the Loughrea Community. He is always up for a bit of banter and a good laugh. He enjoys cooking, entertaining and trying out various recipes at home. 


David Feury is a primary school teacher.  He loves to travel and has been all around the world. His passion is Karate and David has competed on the Irish National Team in various competitions. He is very active in his local Karate Club. David has a background in retail management but made the move to primary teaching which he loves. David enjoys keeping fit, walking and music. 


David and Martin have been together for many years and are delighted to host That 60s Show on Loughrea Community Radio in their own unique style. 

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