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A weekly gardening show that features gardening guests and conversation. Packed with useful tips and helpful garden advice from some of Ireland's top horticultural minds.
Show host, horticulturist/plant hunter and nurseryman "Rory Newell" has been in the garden/plants business for over 10 yrs as a professional and has had an interesting and varied career.
"My passion for plants has driven me to explore foreign countries in search of plants"
Rory has travelled on plant hunting expeditions and it's this want to discover how plants grow in the wild that is the driving force behind all he does in horticulture.
Rory has also been involved in the design and building of many show gardens including the "Chelsea flower show" with "Crûg farm plants" back in 2018
Rory has set up his own nursery "forest moon plants" in the past year and is slowly building up the business which offers rare and unusual plants from all over the world.
In addition to all of this, he also speaks at horticultural/garden events and garden clubs drawing from all of his horticultural expertise.
"Gardening is escapism for me. A passion that lasts a lifetime and would require many more lifetimes to master"

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