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Country Jukebox

Country Jukebox is the place to experience the very best of Irish and American country music spanning decades of the greatest artists ever known Here the listeners of the station will be gifted with lots of exciting and popular country

Broadcasting from Loughrea co Galway. Martina was born in co kerry but moved to the uk at the tender age of 7 where she spent 21 years there she came home at every opportunity she could get., both of her parents were from kerry and Donegal and loved American and Irish country music. She was raised on this genre of music from birth and this was the main influences which makes her very passionate about country music.


Martina’s day job is working in a finance team for a multinational medical company here in Galway and is just starting out in the music and DJ business she currently volunteers on the Loughrea community radio with an Irish/American country music show every Saturday morning and also with a different internet-based station during weekdays.

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